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Trudeau’s banana republic approach to Bombardier and Boeing

Trudeau’s Banana Republic Approach To Bombardier And Boeing


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“There’s a lot that separates western liberal democracies and your typical banana republic, but two of the most important distinctions are found in the rule of law—first, that laws are created through a formal process and not imperial decree, and second, that contracts are awarded by civil servants at independent state institutions and not politicians.

While a Latin American autocrat may take a piece of paper, scribble out an edict and this becomes the law of the land, in Canada, prime ministers must follow an established process: legislation must be introduced in Parliament and voted on.

The same goes for contracts. A corrupt politician in a broken-down African state may tell civil servants which of his favoured companies shall be awarded the contract for government-bought goods or services; in Canada, our elected officials are meant to follow a different path: the civil service tenders a proposal, and companies compete for the work in a politically-blind bidding process.

I grant that the process is not always clean in Canada—recall the Quebec corruption scandal of a few years back. But if politicians or bureaucrats skirt the rule of law and dodge the proper procurement process they’re likely to find themselves in a political scandal or facing a judge.

Canada is thus different or meant to be, from Latin American machismo. Or even Donald Trump, who upon arriving into office down south, had little conception of why powers are constitutionally divided among his office, two branches of Congress, the judiciary and the states.

Which brings me to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his imperial decree that Boeing, the American- airplane manufacturer, might find its federal government-related business suspended until it drops its complaint with the U.S. Trade Commission against Montreal-based Bombardier, this over the latter’s C -Series program. “We won’t do business with a company that’s busy trying to sue us and put our aerospace workers out of business,” said Trudeau earlier this week. The reference was to the planned federal purchase of 18 Super Hornet fighter jets for the Canadian military.”

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Trudeau’s banana republic approach to Bombardier and Boeing



Written By Mark Milke

Source: MACLEAN’S.






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