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Why Trudeau’s siding with the Iranian regime. Ezra Levant


Free Background Stock. Iranian Islamic Terrorism. #Those of the Left In Canada In The Liberal Government Would Argue That Iran Does Not Practice Radical Islamic Tenets – What A Farce! Les Grand Canard Du Jour! #I Was Born In Quebec And I Am A Proud Canadian!!


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Why Trudeau’s siding with the Iranian regime. Ezra Levant


“Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media explains how Trudeau’s ties to the Iranian regime, Iranian Liberal MPs, and a bombardier deal are behind the Prime Minister’s weak stance on the Iran protests.”

Rebel Media.











The Left’s Pro-Iranian Regime Bias Exposed. John Cardillo

Atom, Atomic, Bomb, Comedy, Comical

Free Background Stock. The Iranian Regime.




“John Cardillo of TheRebel.media analyzes reactions to the Iran protests by former Obama administration officials and the mainstream media. As expected, he confirms that they left 2017 even more discredited than they entered.”

Rebel Media.



Shame on the Liberal Government of Canada! Shame!!

Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com












Pamela Geller: Trudeau a “tool of the leftist Islamic alliance.”


“Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media spoke with Pamela Geller about how the left will condone any violent and sexist behavior, as long as it is committed by a Muslim.”

Rebel Media.





He definitely is! Tiyak!!!!!

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Paradox: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wears Islamic-themed Socks To Gay Pride Parade


By Michael Qazvini





Please follow the link to read the original article. Under Fair Use.





Written By Michael Qazvini









Joshua Boyle update


The, Niqab, Religion, Woman, Muslim

Free Background Stock. Niqab. The Visual In This Graphic Alludes To The Well-Known Fact That There Exists In Canada Today A Certain Ideology That Condones The Physical Beating Of Your Wife. #Black Eye, Blood-Red Tear. #Whether That Beating Is Carried Out With A Hockey-Stick Or Not, Remains Another Matter. #How Un-Canadian Eh?!! #What A Disgrace Beating A Woman With Our Iconic Sports-Symbol That Represents Canada!! #Shows No Respect For Our Country! #What A Disgraceful Excuse For Beating A Woman Anyway!! #The Weaker Sex. #It Is Wrong To Hit A Woman! #Shame On That Ideology! Shame!!!






“Joshua Boyle: updates about the strange case and the lack of communication from Trudeau. Must admit orange does look good on Boyle though. Would love to see actual footage of him entering the court in restraints.”


CCN Cross Canada News

Published on 8 Jan 2018.




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Human Rights In A World That Is Being Manipulated Through A Globalist Mentality Today

Free Background Stock. People Of Every Race And Religion Have Always Been Welcomed By Canadians! Canada Is For All Canadians, And Canada Is A Country That Has Always Celebrated It’s Cultural Diversity, And Human Rights For Everyone! #Nothing New Under The Sun. #Generations Of Immigrants Already Built Canada That We Love! #Canada Is A Great Country That Was Built By Immigrants, Celebrating Its Diversity! #Canadians Are The Most Accepting, Polite, And Softly-Spoken People In The World. #We Are The World!




“I have been following the trends in the world today. Around the world, countries are supporting a “one mind” perspective regarding where we are in the 21st. century. Leaders of many developed governments are leaning towards the radical left, with an Uber Human bent, on steroids. Let us briefly examine how human rights are being perceived today. Human means pertaining to human beings, not systems of belief, political organizations, or non-human entities. Islam is not a human being, therefore Islam does not have human rights, Muslims do have human rights because they are human beings. Christians have human rights because they are human beings, therefore all human beings can claim human rights. Human beings can object that their human rights are being discriminated against, but systems cannot. It is a ridiculous left wing premise to presuppose that systems of belief can be attributed to human rights. We cannot attribute as an affront to the human rights of an individual to any religious belief system or organized system of government.  Elitist represented political systems advocating a globalist mentality, and religious belief doctrines do not have human rights. The issue of human rights must be addressed when people are discriminated against and launch complaints, and the definition of what constitutes human rights should be upheld.”



A quote from the animated Pixar hit, Norm Of The North:

“A King Always Fights For His Home!”


Source: Norm Of The North

A Pixar Film.



I will add to that quote, “Canadians Will Always Fight To Maintain Their Human Rights under the Charter, Even Against Their Own Corrupt Government, If Necessary.” (Over 45,000 lawsuits have been filed by Canadians against the Government of Canada. A very telling fact!)

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Please follow the link to read the original article. Under Fair Use and written in a country where freedom of speech is a basic human right.


Human Rights In A World That Is Being Manipulated Through A Globalist Mentality Today.





New Immigration Minister Once Said THIS About “Canadian Values”



“Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media look at Ahmed Hussein’s 2011 US Congressional testimony about immigration and integration. Does he stand by those words today?”

MORE: http://www.therebel.media/ezra_levant… Never miss a new video: http://www.youtube.com/c/RebelMediaTV PLUS http://www.Facebook.com/JoinTheRebel *** http://www.Twitter.com/TheRebelTV




A great message from a Somali-Canadian Muslim. What a fantastic message and what a great man!! Hear, hear!! We cannot have any forms of extremist views that do not engender Canadian values in our country. What a great man!! Excellent!!!!


Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com




Congratulations to Ezra Levant and the Rebel Media for airing this video. I want this Somali Muslim Canadian to continue in this vein. OMG!! Please give this man the necessary power to create positive changes in our country!!!

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