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The Truth! The Rothschild’s Bank And The I.M.F. Own Canada. A Canadian Constitutional Lawyer Sues The Bank of Canada – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

Free Background Stock. Media Blackout, You Will Not Hear About These Matters In The CBC Or Through The National, Liberal-Controlled Media. #No Media Blackouts Here! The Bank Of Canada #Sold Out All Canadians To The Rothschild Family Private Bank And To The I.M.F. #Canada Is A Corporation! #We Do Not Live In A Democracy In Canada. #Canadians Are Living In A Quiet Dictatorship. If You Take Away The Constitutional Powers Of The Court System In Canada, Canada Becomes A Full Dictatorship. #Canada Is Being Run By The I.M.F. And The Rothschild’s Private Banking Corporations! The Truth Will Out! Foreign Private Bankers Are Running Canada As A Private Corporation!


The Truth! The Rothschild’s Bank And The I.M.F. Own Canada. A Canadian Constitutional Lawyer Sues The Bank of Canada – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

“Rocco Galati is a Constitutional lawyer who has been using the Canadian Government since the Chretien regime was in power. Rocco and his legal associate are also one of the few remaining Constitutional lawyers taking legal cases on behalf of Canadians, as Pro-Bono cases. He can be contacted on a case by case basis by all Canadians. He has successfully fought and won a precedent case against the Canadian Government, brought by a Canadian citizen,  that attempted to take the Canadian Citizenship away from that Canadian-born citizen. Mr. Galati is a hero to all patriotic Canadians! Don’t allow any horse-whipped government to take your Canadian rights away from you, under our Canadian Charter of Rights! No government institution is going to take away my rights as a Canadian citizen, under the Charter. It will be a fight to the death, and I am going to win that fight. My roots are in Scotland, Ireland, and in Francophone Canada. I am a proud Canadian and I will die fighting if they attempt to take my rights away!

In 1974 Pierre Elliott Trudeau handed Canada’s public banking system over to the International Monetary Foundation to be controlled by the Rothschild’s banks.  Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the Prime Minister who was responsible for changing the banking rules in Canada and switching the Bank of Canada from a public bank to a privately owned bank that is run by the banksters, The Rothschilds, and the International Monetary Fund. Jean Chretien followed suit and entrenched this private banking system into Canada through the Bank of Canada, privatizing all of our government banking loans at ridiculously high interest rates. That is the reason why our national banking debt has risen into the billions of dollars due to the interest charges that these foreign owned, private banking interests have been imposing on Canada. That is the reason that Canada is in the mess that we are in today! Wake up Canadians, and smell the imported coffee! What is wrong with Canada? It is not the Canadian Charter of Rights and our constitution, What is wrong with Canada is our leadership. #Justin Trudeau is the sock-puppet for the elite.  #The Minister of Finance Bill Morneau of Morneau-Sheppell.”

Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com



Lawyer Sues Bank of Canada – You Won’t Believe What Happens!


“Correction: *Billion not Trillion – 🙂 Big News up here in Canada; Committee On Monetary and Economic Reform have been fighting a Lawsuit versus the Queen, finance minister and the Bank of Canada to regain control of the Bank Of Canada from the IMF. This is the story of Comer vs the Bank of Canada.”

Valhalla Movement.









“Recently, constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati won yet another round of appeals set forth by the Bank of Canada in a case involving two Canadians who filed an action in federal court to restore The Bank of Canada to its original purpose and operations. This is a very significant story but you probably haven’t heard of it. Why? The mainstream media and government have blacked out the story for reasons that appear to stem from fear of how the public will react to realizing they’ve been systematically enslaved for decades.”Joe Martino.







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Written By Joe Martino

Source: CE collectiveEVOLUTION.



Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Canada is a Quiet Dictatorship.


“Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati describes how Canada has become, as he calls it, a “Quiet Dictatorship”… He also describes how the courts are a blunt instrument as a venue for socio-economic change. This clip was taken from the 56 min mark on COMER VS Bank of Canada Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhlCM… From the conference held in Montreal on April 26th. Footage from 99% Media. Edited to primary English excerpt. In Canada, there is a legal battle taking place, COMER vs the Bank of Canada. COMER is the Committee On Economic and Monetary Reform, http://www.comer.org/. The main talk is 72 minute with another hour of questions and answers. I asked the Library of Canada for information on who Canadians pay interest to and where did they get the money. They could not answer the question. The western world owes more than $145 trillion dollars and it doesn’t seem like it is Africa or South America that had the money to lend. As human beings, we double our production output regularly yet the middle class is shrinking and debt is increasing. Over 1 trillion dollars has been stolen from Canadians since 1974. Up until 1974, Canadians had the Bank of Canada which had the responsibility for creating money in Canada. Up until that point, Canada had created some of the most massive infrastructure projects on the planet benefiting the people without debt. After 1974, the Canadian government started borrowing money from a private international banking cartel, which never had the assets to back the debt. Ponzi scheme. This is the same recipe that was applied to all western nations and is the reason for the state of the world today. These private banking thieves spend their resources on creating wars to distract the people and transfer further wealth to themselves. If you wish to get a better understanding of what is at risk and get the view from a well versed and seasoned politician I suggest you go to the following post on a talk by the Hon. Paul T Hellyer. http://www.wikivsnwo.com/full-disclos… In all, it’s about 2 hrs of viewing of the most important subject of our time that will determine if our children live in a world of perpetual war and austerity or in prosperity and peace. The players are real, the heroes and villains are real, unlike the Hollywood crap that people spend hours viewing every week.

Thank you to 99%media for the film clip. I have to remove the french section but if interested the original post is here; http://www.99media.org/” Be sure to visit our website.” http://www.i-acuse.com/ 


Canadian Peoples Union Freedom 2017.






Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati: C-51 A ‘Fascist And Dictatorial Piece Of Legislation.’


“The constitutional lawyer who torpedoed Stephen Harper’s pick for the Supreme Court says he will contest the government’s anti-terror legislation in court if it passes.

Rocco Galati, who successfully challenged Harper’s choice of Justice Marc Nadon for the top bench last year, spoke out against Bill C-51 — the Anti-Terrorism Act — at a rally in Toronto on Saturday.

His speech contained some incendiary allusions to Nazi Germany.

Appearing next to NDP MP Andrew Cash, Galati said C-51 creates “a modern-day Gestapo,” referencing the brutal, secret Nazi police force.

“No exaggeration, that’s what it creates,” he said. “It chills, censors, and criminalizes free speech, free association, and constitutional rights of assembly.”

Galati added that “German and Italian versions” of C-51 were passed in the 1930s.

The lawyer received big applause when he urged Canadians not to vote for any MP or political party supporting the controversial Tory bill. The Liberals voted in favor of its passing, but have vowed to amend the legislation if they win the next election to provide better oversight of national security agencies.

New Democrat and Green MPs voted against the bill.

“This is quite clearly a fascist and dictatorial piece of legislation and appeasement of it is unacceptable,” he said.”


Canadian Peoples Union Freedom 2017.



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Written By Ryan Maloney





Canada Projecting Deficits Until 2040 And $1Trillion Debt By 2035!


Arana Nation

Published on 22 Dec 2017

“The federal government is projecting deficits until at least 2040 and for the first time in Canadian history the debt will be $1 trillion in 2035 if current trends continue!”  http://torontosun.com/news/national/c…
Arana Nation.
“Information has been verified as true by this publisher. All of the contents regarding the financial projections that have been released in the following video are one hundred percent true! Canadians are rejecting this Liberal government En Masse! Justin Trudeau is destroying Canada, completing a cycle that was started by Pierre Elliott Trudeau during his term in the 1970’s. My country is being fiscally destroyed!!”
Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com






Canada Is Projecting Deficits Until 2040, Finance Report Reveals.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hold copies of the federal budget on their way to the House of Commons in Ottawa, Wednesday, March 22, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld.




Canada Is Projecting Deficits Until 2040, Finance Report Reveals.


“The federal government is projecting deficits until at least 2040, a finance report quietly released Friday reveals. The federal debt is also set to hit $1 trillion for the first time in 2035.

These shocking figures are actually an improvement upon the long-term economic and fiscal projections released this time last year. The goal of such reports is to take current government spending trends and show what will happen if they continue in later years.

Canada is on track to run a $10.4 billion deficit in 2040 and a $10.9 billion surplus in 2045. The table provides figures for every five years, suggesting the books will return to the black sometime around 2042.

Last year’s report revealed deficits until the 2050s and warned that the spending path the Trudeau Liberals put the country on “would be sufficient to put at risk the fiscal sustainability of the federal government.” The new report sounds no such alarms.”

Anthony Furey.




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Canada projecting deficits until 2040, finance report reveals


Written By Anthony Furey






The Bilderberg Group Are In Control Of The Bank Of Canada. Canada Is Quickly Moving In The Direction Of The Cashless Society. The Silent Evolution Of A Quiet Dictatorship Is In The Making.








“The title of this post is “The crime of the Canadian Banking System’ and below you will find that articles’ content as well as many other articles, documentaries and more about what I understand it to be. The criminalization of the banking system.”

Daniel J. Towsey.








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1974 The Year Canadians Gave Away Their Future To The BILDERBERG GROUP.



“The Bank of Canada has the power to make the Canadian economy’s national currency basically interest-free, the way they did from the 1940s — 1974 where Canada’s national debt never really reached above 18 Billion. In 1974, Canadian members of the Bilderberg Group such as Pierre Trudeau and former Governor of the Bank of Canada Gerald Bouey changed the policies of the Bank of Canada that gave power to private banks to create our currency. Gerald Bouey member of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Rockefeller is also a chairman of the Bilderberg group. Since the changes have been made the Bilderberg Group has been in full control of Canada’s currency by allowing private banks to secretly control the Canadian’s national currency by the issuance of credit. This film exposes who the Bildergroup are and the individuals that had to do with the changes and exposes the end game cashless society agenda. They want to establish one world govt, is the MintChip the first step to convert the world to the New World Order digitized economy?”









The Myth Of Canada!




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The Myth is Canada: A film exposing the truth about Canada’s legal and lawful status


Benjamin Doolittle

Source: benjamindoolittle.com



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