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TRY NOT TO Think It’s A CONSPIRACY…Watch Till The End! (2017)

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“What is it going to take to have complete control over church and state? New! Boeing HEL MD Laser Weapon System For Truck Tactical Ready For Combat! Navy Electro Magnetic Railgun Ship Deploy 2016 Destructive Force Requires No Explosives Cheap Ammunition.

Who would want to wage war against the American people and a nation the prides itself on freedom? Those who took the $30 Billion from under the twin towers and brought them down. Those who create fake news, geoengineering Tesla created weather, and now testing weapons on innocent people who have been so dumbed down, they don’t know that forest, house, car fires don’t melt steel, black, or only target certain buildings.”






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Source: IWB investmentwatchdog.com




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