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The U.S. And Canada Could Become One Country


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What would happen if Canada were to merge with the United States and conduct its government according to the cabalist interests that are emerging in the United States? It is already beginning to occur. F.E.M.A. camps are being activated in the United States, a strong signal that the individual liberties and constitutional rights of the Americans are being set aside in favor of the ruling state. The police state is already being prepared for Canada. We are just sitting back and watching these events unfold. The new world order and the shadow government are already actively influencing covert activities, that are affecting the United States inner workings, right now. The merging of Canada with the United States could occur through a well established globalist precept, by the proponents of the new world order, espousing their belief that, “order will come out of chaos.” Chaos in this sense of the word could be construed as a cataclysmic event, such as a war or or a major natural disaster, that would invoke martial law in both countries of the United States and in Canada. This, “order arising out of chaos,” priniciple, has been a common theme in the Illuminati, secret societies, and new world order proponents, who have indeed caused most of the wars that the world has experienced over the history of mankind, including both world wars.

President Trump will soon dissolve control of the country’s financial resources, taking away the cabal’s ability to continue extracting monetary resources from the United States. He has now publicly stated that he will shut down the federal reserve by 2018 and convert the U.S. dollar to the gold and precious metal standard.

Is there a chance that the United States of America, which is operating under a shadow government based on elitist bankers and secret societies could meld with Canada in order to become a north american coalition, similar to the now failing European Union experiment that is unraveling before our very eyes under the threat of establishing a globalist, Luciferian, one world order? Absolutely! The chance of this occurring is strong given the globalist tendencies and leanings of our current Prime Minister in Canada, who is bending like a willow in the wind to the globalist rantings of George Soros and his illuminati plans to take over and destabilize Canada. You become like the friends that you keep. It would appear that George Soros is a personal friend, confidant, and advisor to our Prime Minister (and what is he receiving in return for his traitorous acts)?

Canada is already susceptible to these influences due to the fact that we are already under a fractional banking system that is affecting Canada and owned by the Rothschilds, Soros, and the global elite. I am reading every day the news about policies that Justin Trudeau is implementing that will further destabilize my country. The immigration policy is completely out of hand and infuriating a majority of Canadians. The carbon tax is being instituted in order to kill jobs in Canada and to keep Canadians poor with little money in their pockets. Oil sands jobs have disappeared like the extinct mammoth in the province of Alberta. Canadians are already suffering and pensioners have their back to the walls financially.

There are a growing number of people living in the province of Ontario who have had their Hydro accounts cut off during the cold winter months, due to ever increasing energy costs. The Ontario Premier has done little or nothing to deflect the rising cost of Hydro in her province. We do not have food stamps in Canada but the incidence of Canadian poverty has increased incrementally in Canada. If you own real estate in Canada you are not eligible for welfare subsidies and the situation is getting worse every day. As the freedoms of Canadians and Americans are dissolving every day, the will of the people is also disappearing in a purple mist that rises like a pontifical obelisk. As the ether disappears, so do the human rights of Americans and Canadians. When people fear the government there is tyranny, but when governments fear the people there is liberty, everything has been reversed by the global elite. They care little about the will and the liberties of humanity, all that they care about is taking over and controlling the currencies of every country on this earth.


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