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Want Some Great RSS Feeds? Read This Article!

RSS feed directories are miracles of the Net. I have already written several articles, concerning the benefits of RSS feed directories, in promoting your website. I have another gift for you!

Here is a free app on Play Store. It is called, “SuperFeed”. It will immediately link your website to RSS Directory Feeds for all of the following sites:

1). Google News (US)

2). Google News (UK)

3). Google News (India)

4). Google News (China) a market of over 1 billion people.

5). All News Releases (Yahoo)

6). Financial Releases (Yahoo)

7). General Releases (Yahoo)

8). Top Stories (CNN)

9). World (CNN)

10). Asia (CNN)

11). US (CNN)

12). Europe (CNN)

13). Patrick Ireland Reviews

Just add your url to each and every directory and your RSS feeds will be activated to all of them. Over a billion source of potential customers for your site. Happy blogging everyone!

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