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Warnings of the Last Days From God, Christian Short Film “The Days of Noah Have Come”

Free Background Stock. The Days Of Noah Are Coming Again. #God’s Judgement.


Warnings of the Last Days From God, The Christian Short Film, “The Days of Noah Have Come”


“Warnings of the Last Days From God | Christian Short Film “The Days of Noah Have Come” Let’s look back on mankind during the age of Noah. Man was engaged in all kinds of evil activities paying no thought to repentance. Nobody listened to the word of God. Their rigidity and evil aroused God’s anger and in the end, they were swallowed up by the disaster of the great flood. Only Noah and his family of eight listened to God’s word and were able to survive. Now, the last days have already arrived. Mankind’s corruption is getting deeper and deeper. Everyone reveres evil. The entire religious world follows the tide of the world. They do not love the truth one bit. The days of Noah have already arrived! In order to save mankind, God has returned once more to do the judgment work of the last days amongst mankind. This is the last time that God saves man! What should mankind choose? This is a true story. Since the citizens of Qingping County in the province of Sichuan have repeatedly refused to accept Almighty God’s kingdom gospel, they have met with two instances of disaster. During the Great Sichuan Earthquake, many brothers and sisters who believed in Almighty God were miraculously protected by God and survived. These facts have been witnessed: those that accept and obey God and those that deny and resist God. These two kinds of people have two very different endings!”


The Church of Almighty God

Published on 5 Jul 2017.





“These Are The Words Of Our Lord, Almighty God. Pay Attention To These Words, This Is The Word Of God.

“Look Back To The Time Of Noah’s Ark: Mankind Was Deeply Corrupt, Had Strayed From The Blessing Of God, Was No Longer Cared For By God, And Had Lost The Promises Of God. They Lived In Darkness, Without The Light Of God. Thus They Became Licentious By Nature, Abandoned Themselves To Hideous Depravity.  Such Men Could No Longer Receive The Promise Of God; They Were Unfit To Witness The Face Of God, Nor To Hear The Voice Of God, For They Had Abandoned God, Had Cast Aside All That He Had Bestowed Upon Them, And Had Forgotten The Teachings Of God. Their Heart Strayed Farther, And Farther From God, And As It Did They Became Depraved Beyond All Reason And Humanity, And Became Increasingly Evil.  Thus They Came Ever Closer To Death, And Fell Under The Wrath And Punishment Of God. Only Noah Worshipped God And Shunned Evil, And So He Was Able To Hear The Voice Of God And Hear The Instructions Of God. He Built The Ark According To The Instructions Of God’s Word And Assembled All Manner Of Living Creatures.  And In This Way, Once Everything Had Been Prepared, God Unleashed His Destruction Upon The World. Only Noah And The Seven Members Of His Family Survived The Destruction, For Noah Worshipped Jehovah And Shunned Evil.”



from “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind”

Source: holyspiritspeaks.org




“Lord, I call on the Holy Spirit to intercede and whatever Judgement may fall according to your will, please God, spare the little children of this Earth any suffering, according to your Holy Will. In Jesus name and in the name of our glorious  Creator, Jehovah, We Pray.”

Patrick Ireland.





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