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We Are All Psychic. Exercise That Muscle We Call The Brain And The Universe Will Reward You



All of us have the capability to exercise our brains. In states of wakefulness, we complete crossword puzzles, read the newspaper, participate in our hobbies, such as stamp collecting. We can read books containing brain games, such as The Big Book of Brain Games. In other states, of sleeping and Hypnagogia, or the moment between sleep and wakefulness, we can receive insights that are gifts coming to us from a universal source of ideas, inventions, disintermediated thoughts, and instructions.

We are all children of the universe, therefore we have an inimitable connection to this source. We can all connect to her, anytime that we wish to connect with her. Some people call this religion, it doesn’t matter what you name it, it comes under the category of progress. We must progress in our lives and this is tantamount to our success. Belief systems are important for all human beings. When we speak about the universe, we also speak about reaching the God consciousness that comes from a creator or ultimate source. That is why all religions must be respected as the beliefs of others, represent every individual’s connection to the source. The Tibetans polytheistic beliefs in accepting all religions is a crucial aspect of this discovery. We must always have respect for the beliefs of other people because we are indubitably and inextricably connected to one another, as children of the greater thought and being. In a sense, we are all connected also to the universal flow of ideas, insights, and beliefs while engendering our own aspect in reaching those beliefs.

If you want to be a good baker, bake a lot of bread. If you want to be a good student, excel in your studies and become the best student in your class. If you want to exercise your brain, use forethought and implant suggestions into your consciousness in order to achieve a state of Hypnagogia, and receive insights during your waking moment of consciousness when waking from a deep sleep. Every achievement in this world comes from some directed energy, thoughts, and effort.

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