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We Are Living Within A Two Dimensional Hologram On This Earth

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We examine every possibility on this weblog. Renowned physicist, Doctor Ron Anderson has developed The Anderson Institute, which studies time travel technologies. I will post the link at the bottom of this article. On his website, andersoninstitute.com, Dr. Anderson has created a free download page containing many resources that the public may access, regarding the subject of time travel, and how to access information about time travel technologies.

Dr. Anderson has posted a very interesting theory, that I tend to agree with at this point in time. We are living in a two-dimensional hologram on this earth. Time is accelerating at a rapid speed as our consciousness is being wrapped and warped within this acceleration. We have access to the third and fourth dimensions within the hologram in which we exist, by using the power of our human brains (the power of intent), as well as by understanding and using time travel technologies in order to reach these other dimensions that exist in a quantum state in the place in which we find ourselves, including remote viewing.  I have expounded upon Dr. Anderson’s premises because he would not finish the sentence due to the fact that he must take precautions because his institute is receiving funding from the United States government, which he may lose if he provides too much information about his ongoing research.  But these facts contain the truth of the matter – Time travel does exist, and it is being achieved by scientists and governments around the world, through research foundations in many countries that are similar to Dr. Anderson’s scientific research foundation.

Dr. Anderson does not rule out the possibility of physical travels back and forth in time. He does not rule out the possibility of the powers of the human mind and the powers of intent. He extrapolates about his involvement in secret and ongoing time travel technologies through his institute, but he does not deny that these technologies exist and that they are being used today. He came short of admitting that he himself has traveled back and forth in time during his interview. I will post the link to that shared video at the bottom of the page.

These time travel technologies have existed since the early 1970’s. Scientists and governments have been traveling back in time using this knowledge for decades. This is one of the secrets that have been kept from humanity. They have hidden our real history and science from us. They have used secret societies to deceive and manipulate all of us and to keep us from knowing and understanding our true cosmology. I have already posted many shared videos and articles on this weblog that contain the evidence about what they are doing to us. I will go further into an examination of our two-dimensional, holographic reality, as I continue to study this subject which is totally new to me as of yesterday. I will post further research facts and new evidence in future articles and shared media on this blog.




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