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We Are Not Following The Word Of God



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We Are Not Following The Word and the Commandments Of God. God Commands Us To Follow His Word And To Not Show Disobedience Towards Him. His Word Means The Word Of God Through All Of His Anointed Prophets. We Have Not Followed The Word Of God. We Have Believed The “Science,” Of The Illuminati Run System. They Tell Us Their Cosmology Of a False World And We Have Believed Their Lies. Our Belief In Their Lies Takes Us Further Away From Our Father, Do We Believe Them, Then To Say That We Do Not Believe What our Father Has Written?

NASA, The Jesuits, The United Nations, The Leaders Of Many Governments, The Proponents of A New World Order, Mr. Obama. They Have All Lied To Us. If We Believe The Word Of God, Then We Must Follow The Word Of God. How Can We Believe That Which We Do Not Follow? How Can We Follow That Which We Do Not Believe?

Read The Book Of Enoch. Read The References To God’s Creation Of The Firmament And The Heaven. Read The References To God’s Creation Of The Firmament And The Heaven In The Holy Bible. How Can We Say That We Believe In God When We Do Not Believe The Words That He Has Written Through His Anointed Prophets? We Have Strayed From Our God, Yahweh. We Have Shown Him That We Doubt His Words. We Are His Disobedient Children. We Must All As Christians Come Back To A Basic Belief In God’s Word Or We Will Lose Our Strength To Represent Him In These Last Days.

Christians Repent And Ask Forgiveness Of Our Lord God For What We Have Done. O God, Our Gracious And Loving Creator, Please Forgive Us For Our Transgressions Against You During These Last Days. We Acknowledge You Through The Words That You Have Written And Shared With Us. These Words Have Always Been Available For Us. Why Have We Not Believed Your Precious Words O God? Please Forgive Us. O God, Why Have We Forsaken You? In Your Holy And Immutable Name, Yahweh. Amen

In The Book Of Enoch, Enoch’s Journey To Heaven To Visit God Begins In Chapter 14. In The Bible, I have Added All Of The References To God’s Creation Of The Firmament And The Heaven, And These Are Included. In The Book of Enoch I Have Added A Reference To Where the Abyss Is Also Located. We Must Know From Where The Deceiver Will Emerge During The Last Days. Glory To God Almighty, The Only Creator Of Heaven And Earth. Blessed Be You O God. You Alone Are The Alpha And The Omega. Glory To God. Amen

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