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Welcome, Little One, To Plane(t) Earth.

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Things are changing so rapidly now, our reality is malleable. The one thing that we know is that we are creators because the creator made us, God is in each and every one of us. The creator has given us all the gifts of his creation to share with the world. We have been lied to about our history, as the true evidence of our past has been obscured from us. We have been deceived by the Atheists, and the Satanists, thirty-three degree Masons, and secret societies have taken over our world.  We have been created by intelligent design, and we are creators, each and every one of us. We are as little children because we do not understand the reality that we are living within.  Should we look for the creator within ourselves we may be able to open some of the doors to help us discover the real truth in our lives. This article is taken as an excerpt from the popular book, Ask and It Is Given Learning to Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This book is based on the Teachings of Abraham. This is my favorite section of the book, which is like a beacon of light in this dark world.





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Source excerpt is taken from the book, Ask and It Is Given Learning to Manifest Your Desires (The Teachings of Abraham). Written by Esther and Jerry Hicks.



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