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What a powerful speech! Daughter on the way to becoming a global ‘anti-hypocrisy’ icon ~Share this!

Free Background Stock. We Support President Duterte. The Philippines has the most beautiful beaches in the world.


I am a retired Canadian expat who is living in the Philippines with my Filipina wife and my two young daughters who were born in this country. I am so grateful because I know how bad things are in the West, to be living in a country that is free! Here I have the unique opportunity to raise my two Filipina daughters in a country where the future generation’s safety is being secured for all of our children. Thank you, Rodrigo Duterte, for caring about me and my family! Thanks to God that you are the leader of this republic! Thanks to God!
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This video is proof that President Duterte is the greatest leader that the Philippines has ever elected. Rodrigo Duterte came in as a mid-term president and he has done a phenomenal task in getting rid of drug crimes in this country, during the past year. My family and I are grateful to be living in a country that is relatively much safer than other countries in the world. Both of my daughters, 3 and 9, were born in the Philippines. I am their proud father and I am very proud to live in this Republic, where I am bringing up my young family. Thank God for Rodrigo Duterte a leader who is against the New World Order and one hundred percent in favor of the freedom of families and the freedom to practice our worship with God.  Thank God, thank God, thanks to God, for the leadership of this man! Mabuhay ang Filipinas. Long live the Philippines!


My degrees are in Pacific Asian Studies, Social Political Science, and Education. I have enough background knowledge and study in my life in order to be able to determine that the Philippines has elected the best man for the job! I am 61 years old, retired, and I am getting older, but my brain is still intact. Thank God for this man, Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippine Republic!


Patrick Ireland – Publisher of www.patrickirelandsreviews.com

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