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What You Should Now Know When Thinking About Getting a Tax Refund Advance

What You Should Now Know When Thinking About Getting a Tax Refund Advance

With the IRS delays in tax refunds, many people are turning to refund advances. However, there are some new things people should know before getting one!

Online PR News – 22-February-2017 – As you may or may not know, the IRS is delaying tax refunds this year! According to the American Bankers Association, 40 million low-income families this year will get their refund much later then they thought. This delay could affect many of these families as they usually claim the earned income tax credit and the additional child tax credit, which this delay is focused on.

Many of these family count of this refund, as it can be the biggest check they get the entire year! One company however, has really stepped it up this year with providing refund advances to everyone in need. Tax Refund Loans, the leader in tax refund advances online, has made it simple to get a refund advance online easily, and more recently they have even launched an app that makes getting this refund advance on the go as simple as a few clicks!

This new app has seen recent success with it trending on some top app lists for best business or top trending business apps, because of the wonderful tools & education it offers, but also because of how simple it makes it to get this refund advance.

You can easily find the new app for Android and iOS devices on both Google Play & the ITunes Store!

When getting a refund advance however, make sure that you are educated about the possible risks, and use it only as a tool for short-term financial help, while fixing long-term financial problems. Tax Refund Loans, gives clients the helpful education needed to overcome these short-term financial problems! So if you need your refund now, remember to checkout the leader in refund advances online at https://taxrefundloans.org/ today!

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