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Why Are Google Rankings So Important? Steps To Optimize Your Blog Site

Everything is ranked on Google. Google controls the ranking on most of the search engines. The higher the ranking that your site can achieve, the higher you will place on the Alexa scale and the more keywords will be picked up by the search engines, to increase your site’s ranking. Why is this so important? Well, if you have a business information or edutainment blog, the higher that your ranking becomes on the search engines, the more traffic will be attracted to your site.

It’s all about traffic after all, a site owner wants many people to visit his site. The more people who come to your site the better, that translates to increased views and traffic to your web blog. Hits or the number of people who periodically view your posts, can lead to sales if you have monetized your site properly.

Now I have covered the importance of RSS feeds to a blog and I mentioned two of these feeds in my prior articles. FeedDigest (www.feeddigest.com) and FeedBurner (www.feedburner.com).

Keyword research is important. People search the engines and place keywords that specify what they are looking for in the search categories. Key words are important, and it becomes of ever increasing importance to optimize all articles in ones site with the corresponding key words that will best describe how to navigate to you site. After a person has monetized their site by starting to bring in a lot of traffic and viewers to his blog, the next step is to begin enriching the blog with keywords that will make it easier for many people to visit the site. A smart blogger knows hot to drive more traffic to their website by ensuring that the proper keywords have been optimized to their site. The advantage of using Wikipedia articles is that many of the keywords that may pertain to a blogger’s affiliate promotions have already been optimized within Wikipedia articles under creative commons licensing. Over time, a blogger will have to begin optimizing additional and specific keywords to the articles that he is posting, for the sake of expediency, and faster searches on the engines.

Here are some tools that you can use to begin searching for and optimizing additional keywords for your blog site. Google Adwords Keyword Sandbox. If you live in Asia, you will probably not be allowed to use this site, so it is limited to people who may live in other countries. Adwords are restricted for people who live off the continent and are beginning a new blog. So people who live in Asia may have to look at CPC sites to carry their promotions, such as AdClick Media, being one of the better CPC sites. There are many others that one can examine also, just check the CPC directories on Google Search. Not to confuse the matter, if you are off Adwords you must use a CPC site in order to run your promotions. I live in the Philippines so I fall into this category. I am using AdClickMedia as my main CPC site, due to the problem of my geography and Google’s disposition towards blog sites that are not located in the areas that they wish to promote for the Adwords program.

Here is a tool that you can also use to help discover additional keywords for your site.  This is a keyword research tool provided by Yahoo, and it works very well. http://www.vretoolbar.com/keywords/ With this tool you can search and identify keywords for your website that can be utilized in order to help your site to rank higher in the search engines. I recommend the use of this tool for people trying to optimize their keyword research.

One of the best keyword search tools that I can recommend is Wordtracker (www.wordtracker.com) The great thing about this tool is that it can be linked to specific affiliate product promotions that you are carrying on with your blog site. You can target the most effective keywords to specific affiliate products that you may be promoting through your site. You can also see how many other competing websites have used the most targeted keywords, similar to the products that you may be promoting. I like this tool the best. I recommend this product highly as perhaps the most effective weapon in your arsenal of keyword search tools out there. Please follow the directions in Wordtracker in order that you may learn how to place the essential and best keywords into various places in the articles of your blogsite. You do not necessarily need Adwords to help you rank in the search engines if you disintermediate the situation by using other effective means to rank while using other tools that may be available to you. Picture your blog as an island surrounded by water and hundreds of meters from the shore. Wordtracker can be perceived as a causeway, that will allow you access to the mainland by virtue of its conduit tool.  All the best and better blogging every day.

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