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Why I Love This Country, The Philippines.

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It will be a better Philippines under Duterte, as he is genuinely concerned about the development of this country. Had I been a citizen at the time of this election, my vote would have gone to him. President Duterte has proven himself to be one of the best presidents that the Philippines has ever been blessed with. He loves this country and its people. He also is against the New World Order and he is for families and keeping this land free from a socialist, Marxist, repressive system. God bless President Duterte. Mabuhay ang Filipinas!

This is a country in need of strong leadership and progressive economic change, such as is being offered by this president. We will soon have a nationwide emergency 911 line, and many other good features added to the Philippine economy, thanks to this man. The Philippines will no longer be second in Asia; under president Duterte, she will rise to the position of the premier Asian nation. The Philippines is set to become the newest lion of Asia.

Nobody who really knows the truth about the Philippines should call this country a developing country; especially if you have not traveled to, or visited this place. The infrastructure of the Philippines is very rich, in technology and resources. From my perspective, having lived in so-called developed countries during most of my childhood, I can attest to the facts that this is a rich country (but most of the people that live here, would not advertise this fact).

Medical services are excellent in the Philippines, and my youngest child has already benefited from these services, conducted by a Harvard trained medical doctor, who is a Filipina (thank you for the life-saving medical services that you provided to my youngest daughter, Maria, during her first month of life, Dr. Yvette Santiago, of St. Lukes Hospital in Makati). Many thanks also to Dr. Karen Codnita-Tadeo, cousin to my wife Zenaida, who facilitated, and expedited the diagnosis for my daughter Maria, and who put us directly under the charge of Dr. Yvette Santiago, the distinguished surgeon, who performed the procedure on my child.

Even the public hospitals offer very good services, as I can attest to this, and my family and I have had no complaints about the efficacy of medical services in this place. When you go to the Emergency Department of any public hospital in this country, you are treated by a doctor almost immediately (quite a refreshing change over the waiting times( sometimes up to six hours, in the Emergency wards of hospitals in developed countries).

In terms of post-secondary education, the most talented engineers in the world are Filipino; and many of these people have ranked in the top percentile of the most talented engineers, who are living in developed countries.

There are great professionals who emerge from the Philippines and are making their marks around this world. I have two Filipino friends, brothers, (meaning, best friends), who are both engineers living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. One is a mining construction engineer, and the other an oil rig platform engineer. They are both at the top of their fields in Canada, as they travel every place around Canada, its Territories, and in the world, in the performance of their craft. (I hope that it is okay if I drop your first names, Rudy and Peter).

The Philippines is an open society with regard to accepting transfer credits from people who arrive here from other countries. There is an acceptance here of credentials that does not exist in many other developed countries.

I had my 60th. birthday in March and I am now eligible for seniors benefits. The Philippines will allow me to apply for a seniors card, as a permanent resident, and the benefits are excellent here. I will receive discounts for my Philhealth medical insurance, restaurants, the movies, and our groceries. The benefits are very good here, and residents can apply if they are 60. Every store, bank, and pharmacy here have a seniors line where wait times are expedited.

The Philippines also has an open, welcoming, and competitive economy. We are not mired by multinational corporations that buy the sole rights to manufacture in this country, thus discouraging any competition within the small business marketplace; from competing for their products and in their pricing.

Licenses are available so that most of the products that exist in developed countries are also available here, in the Philippines. This is a most remarkable country, that constantly encourages the development of small businesses, with low overhead costs for startups. The government encourages small business development here; it does not over-regulate or controls business startups in this country.

In terms of tourism, the Philippines is a hidden gem in this world. The potential for tourism has been now discovered through the beautiful, and easily accessible landscapes in this gorgeous country. This place is without a doubt, the most stunning country that I have ever visited in all of my travels, during my lifetime. The potential for developing tourism-related and driven industries here is unlimited.

I am looking forward to the future, in this country where I have chosen to live and bring up my two young daughters. I believe that the future of this place will become a glorious achievement, fueled by the drive, and intelligence of a society that has done most everything, in the right way, in this 21st. century.

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