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Why The Results Of The US Election May Have Saved The World. The US Map is Painted Red



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One of the first leaders of a country to telephone President Elect Donald Trump today was President Putin. He congratulated Trump for his win and added that he wanted to extend his hand in friendship in order to solve the growing crises between Russia and the United States. Bingo, and I did predict this to my various “Liberally inclined Canadian friends on facebook.” We had discussions for months about my belief that it would be important for the safety of this world for Trump to be elected president in 2016. As a result of our discussions, which resulted in many insults being thrown, mostly at me, I was forced to unfriend five of my friends from Canada, who were within the same milieu of contacts. That was a shame, but I could no longer bear the expletive barbs and insults any longer. C’est La Vie, good riddance as they are out of my life forever.

On what basis did I arrive at these conclusions, that part is easy.  Apart from all of the domestic concerns such as Obamacare, joblessness, the attack on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens in the United States by Obama, my concerns ran much, much deeper than the domestic issues alone. I was far more concerned about foreign policies as they were affecting the United States and the world over the past eight years of an Obama administration. The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in these matters also alarmed me greatly.

Hillary Clinton and Obama were endemic in causing the rise of Isis when she spearheaded the military takeover of Libya, that resulted in the overthrow of Khadaffi. This move de-stabilized the Middle East and resulted in the rise of Islamic State in Iraq and in Syria.  The last eight years have been a total disaster in foreign policy conducted with Hillary Clinton and Obama at the helm. The world has deteriorated to a quagmire of military conflicts in the Middle East that have continued to grow and escalate over the past eight years of the Obama administration. What a shame.

The new president elect of the United States has only just been voted in by the majority of Americans and already, the conflict between Russian Vladimir Putin and the United States is dissolving as quickly as butter melting on a hot skillet. President Trump and President Putin will work together as leaders of their respective countries in order to deflect military conflicts and possibly bring a lasting peace to this world. Russia was never an, “enemy.” She has actually been an ally for years. Russia shares a common interest with the United States to stabilize and conform their political systems in such a way as to achieve a lasting peace in this world. Peace was misdirected by the last administration of the US government, that sought to vilify and condemn Russia as an “enemy,” of the United States. This was rubbish and served only to act as an excuse for the gross mishandling of classified information by the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She sought to distract attention of her gross neglect of classified materials by blaming Russia for everything that she alone was responsible for; and most Americans were smart in seeing these diversionary tactics for what they really entailed.

I personally want to believe that it is safe to put my family, my wife and two young daughters on a commercial plane without fearing that a terrorist bomb will take us down. No more bombing from the air resulting in the murder of civilians in the Middle East. Trump and Putin will finally do what is necessary in order to defeat Isis on the ground, that is a prediction. I have the greatest confidence in these matters.

To conclude, President Elect Donald Trump may end up being the best president that will ever serve as the leader of the United States. He will build bridges with the leaders of other countries and his strength in leadership will be good for America. What will result and you can quote me on this point, will be a safer and more stable world for all of us. A world where our children can be safe and where human dignity and respect will flourish.

Now that Donald Trump is president the Philippines must extend its hand also in friendship and support of a leader who has many of the same qualities of our leader, President Duterte. A leader who loves his country and loves his people and has the strength, dignity and determination to lead his country in such a way that will protect its citizens and lead to further economic prosperity for his country. God bless all of the great leaders of this world, among these President Elect Donald Trump, President Duterte, and yes, even President Putin. The world must come together through strength in leadership because that is the most important mandate of a good leader. These people are not corrupt so they are deserving of our unmitigated support and respect.

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