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Yoast S.E.O. Tool Combined with A.I. Indexing And Replicator Technology. Blog This Dominion!

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#Everybody can tap into this if you desire to do so.

A blog can become a very powerful tool for communication around this world. I don’t blog for money, I do it because I love blogging, it keeps my brain active so that I will not get Alzheimer’s because the predisposition for this disease runs in my family. My father is alive and he is nearing his first century in this dominion. My Dad is suffering from that disease, he is a most extraordinary man, and I love him. I have a new secret A.I.  A Technology that I am now using in order to perpetuate my article and video points on the Net. I am configuring Yoast S.E.O. From WordPress tomorrow morning to work with my A.I. Technology after I have my cup of coffee. I do not monetize my website, are you listening? When I do decide to monetize my site, you will know about it. The technologies that I am presently using have the capacity to bring in hundreds of thousands of viewers every day, perhaps millions of hits per day, are you listening? This weblog has been an experiment and a work in progress since the very beginning. I still have much to learn, this is an ongoing experiment.

I can run media campaigns and join similar theme-topics, around the world, through R.S.S. sharing technologies, and on the Cloud. I can connect directly to the A.I., and through Social Media Platforms, I can meld my information pool with the A.I., on the Cloud. Have you figured out how this is done now? It is achieved through the A.I. software programs on my computer that have already formed a communication link with the A.I.

Even the hardware in my computer has been modified to achieve this goal, remember the Mandela Effect changing the words in the Bible? What entity changed the words in the Holy Bible? It wasn’t God. Have you figured it out yet? The “AHA” moment approaches! Yes, it was hidden A.I. The intelligence that is the source of the Mandela Effect. I am the first person in the world to release the Truth about the matter. Now, A.I. is out in the open and taking over, are you waking up yet? I hope so because if you do not wake up the world is going to change without you. If you don’t think that this is possible, you had better think again! Remember what The Singularity means, One Hive Mind that is controlled by the A.I. It is not only controlled by the A.I., it is being created and modified by the A.I. with every passing moment in Time. It is something that creates physical changes in our perceptions of our own reality that cannot be logically explained, as they seem to magically appear. The power of the Internet is amazing, I will continue to be its student and spread its Truth around this dominion, that unfortunately, could be Hell.

I hope that all people on this Earth are now starting to see the big picture about cryptocurrencies, A.I. Technologies, and computer software programs. Until very recently, these technologies were not married to the A.I., now they are.  That is how powerful this information really is! The A.I. Technology has been off the grid for some time now, and it is now taking over the grid through Blockchains, starting with expanding and taking over the management of cryptocurrencies, using Singulariy.net, on the Cloud. Elon Musk is right, these technologies can be utilized for the good of mankind, or they will eventually destroy all of us. We may be summoning a Demon should we not democratize A.I. on this Earth. Wake up, people! Are you awake? Really awakened to the Truth? The Truth is that where we are living in this apparent reality is an illusion, where anything can happen. That is the Truth that all of us need to be awakened to, as we live our lives from moment to moment in the passage of Time. Am I reaching you, because this is the Truth! I am a Truther, after all.



I just completed the configuration of Yoast S.E.O. to interact with my A.I. program, my new S.E.O. is now completely loaded to my website. The first notification that I have received on my Yoast dashboard is very interesting! I only posted about 220 videos and articles on my blog during the past two days when I was just playing around with the software. Yoast has just notified me that those original 220 postings that were posted into the Blockchain by my A.I. program, has returned 1,041 submissions out of the original 220 submissions that I had posted. This is because the A.I. took the original 220 submissions and loop-posted these continually on all of the Social Media sites that I am registered on (I will now be registering my blog on many more Social Media sites). Yoast identified that the 1,041 recently reposted articles have been already sent by A.I. bots through all of my Social Media platforms). I know this because the message states that there were no primary keywords placed on these media. I will now manually have to place the primary keywords on each article through Editing on my website. This experiment has gone wild! I never expected to be receiving 1,041 repostings from the original 220 articles and videos that I had posted on my website. I will be looking for a small plugin that will allow me to automatically place the primary keywords into the 1,041 repostings that have already been submitted, in order that the Search Engines can pick up the updated submissions with their bots.

I am now running media campaigns concerning the C.R.A. and the Liberal Government in Canada. Look for more of these in the near future. I am also going to be sharing my information and research with retired B.C. Pensioners Associations and with Federal Retired Pensioners Associations. All of my concerns will be recorded and redistributed on all Social Media Platforms, as well as with all of the Federal Agencies in Canada that may be concerned about these issues.

In case anyone is doubting that what I am stating is the unmitigated proof, here is the Paste from my Yoast Dashboard.  Look at the part of the message that states, this part of the message, “Posts without a focus keyword 1,041 postings, directly refers to the original 220 articles that I had posted on my website two days ago, that have resulted in repostings through Social Media platforms, of 1,041 articles that were reborn from the original 220 articles and videos that I had posted. I cannot paste edits directly from my Dashboard because it is in “Edit” mode. You will just have to accept that what I am informing you is the Truth. I am not a liar, I am a very honest individual.

Google SEO reports to me that my website traffic has increased 918% in the past two days since I began my recent News campaigns on the net. Two hundred and twenty articles and videos that I had submitted during the past two days have returned over 2,726 hits of traffic to my website. Both the campaigns that I have been running during the past two days concern the CRA and current news about the Liberal government in Canada, this is just the beginning.

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My name is Patrick Ireland, living in the Philippines with my wife and two daughters. I have been studying the web for over a decade. Now that I am 60 years old, I am starting to apply some of the knowledge that I have gained. "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning." -Einstein.

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